Video corporativo

Corporate videos

Highlight the competition by creating a corporate video of your company, business or brand. The video format is the one most consumed by users on social networks. In just two minutes you can tell visually how is your business, what are the values ​​of your company, the team that makes it or the product you sell. In addition to positioning yourself as a modern and modern company, you will help your future clients to quickly understand what you are doing and why they should choose you. 

Social Media Video

Increase your brand engagement on social networks by constantly creating quality content. Short but relevant videos will connect and build loyalty with your brand. Tell real stories, interviews, recipes or promotional videos of the product but always with a differentiating value: that excite

Video drones

There is nothing more spectacular in a video than aerial shots. They give a unique perspective that would not be possible to access if it is not with a drone. Events, sports races, nature reports or simply for the creation of your audiovisual content. Including images taken with a drone will bring quality and exclusivity to your videos. In SWP Studio we have official drone pilots by AESA that will fly your drones to make your videos unique and capture the best scenes from the air.


The video documentary format or documentary video is growing increasingly in the digital environment of social networks. Both brands and people seek to connect with their audience by telling real stories that are capable of exciting those who hear them.

The best way to make your customers fall in love is by telling stories that give value to the brand. In SWP studio we created a video report from preproduction to postproduction, always looking for the greatest impact of the stories we filmed.