Product photography

Make your products much more attractive with a photo session made by image professionals. 

For both digital and printed media, your product catalog should be attractive to your customers. Forget about the photographs taken with your mobile. We are in a moment where the image offered by brands is decisive in the process of buying consumers. It offers an attractive and professional image of your products and checks the results.

In SWP studio we have professional photographers specialized in making the most of the images of your products. Whether your brand requires a studio photo session or if you require it in other outdoor environments such as street or nature, we take care of planning the session from the beginning to the end, making sure you get the best results.

In SWP studio we also take care of hiring professional models for your photos and videos if you need them.

Photo report

A photo report is much more than a photo shoot. A photographic report is the narration of a story through the images. Some brands have been working on this reporting format for some time to offer useful and relevant content to their audiences, which increasingly demand more real stories on the networks.

And is that brands no longer intend to communicate with their customers simply to sell their products or services, but try to offer them a lifestyle and values ​​with which they feel identified and thus become prescribers.

In SWP studio we want your brand to have an interesting story to tell through the images. A true and authentic story that thrills those who listen to it. That’s why we take care of knowing your brand and your audience, to go in search of the best stories and to be able to capture them in images.