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Franuí Summer Experience

Product activation in Spain

Franuí, an Argentine company with a long chocolate tradition in its country, lands in Spain in 2021. Coinciding with the end of the confinement and the beginning of summer, we launched a product activation campaign that communicates its values ​​of sophistication, quality and craftsmanship in its manufacturing processes.

For this we decided to occupy the territory of fashion and fun, creating a digital content campaign with 4 brand ambassadors who stand out for their entrepreneurship and commitment to their professions. Aldo Comas, as a contemporary artist, Katy Sainz, as a music producer, Fiona Ferrer as a writer and Juan Avellaneda as the creator of his own fashion brand.

Simultaneously, we launched a paid media brand awareness campaign with a selection of audiovisual content that will connect the brand with its audiences, showing the seductive power of the product.

Finally, the campaign ended with two events attended by brand ambassadors, specialized media and special guests at the Hotel Wellington in Madrid and Hotel W in Barcelona.

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Video Teaser Event | Product Video

Video event Madrid and Video event Barcelona

Photos Madrid event and Barcelona event

Campaign Paid Media

Press and media clipping