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Lázaro Martínez. The life of a musher

Client: Merrell
Services: branding, multimedia, social media video

Lázaro Martínez. The life of a musher

Mushing was born in Alaska in 1925 and arrived in Europe 4 decades later with very limited resources. The ambassador of the sports brand Merrell, Lázaro Martínez, is a professional Musher and breeds his own line of Siberian Husky in the Pyrenees.

30 years ago and during a trip into the United States, Lazaro fell in love with this sport and decided to leave everything to become a professional musher. Today, 30 years later, he is three times champion of the world and one of the most renowned mushers in our country and beyond our borders.

The American brand Merrell, is traditionally known for its products specialized in outdoor sports such as Trail Running, hiking, or fitness in nature. His commitment to “the natural” goes beyond sports, as he also looks for moving and authentic stories in his ambassadors.

From Merrell we were contacted to carry out this storytelling project with his ambassador Lázaro, in which we wanted to tell how was the life of a person living 365 days dedicated to a passion. For this we move to the Catalan Pyrenees, specifically to Puigcerdá, where Lázaro and his team of dogs live. There we discover in first person how is the day to day of a professional musher. Since he gets up until he goes to bed. In addition, we wanted to accompany him to a competition in France, a country where mushing has more followers and prestige than in Spain.

For two days we were lucky to share unique moments with Lázaro Martínez and his team of Siberian Husky dogs. We filmed what is the life of a professional Musher and how sacrificed is this sport. But above all, we are lucky enough to have met a person as authentic and close as Lázaro, who lives devoted to his dogs, to competition and to the dream he has been pursuing for 3 decades.  This is the life of Lázaro Martínez, the life of a musher.